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Ibrahimov Bayram Ganimat oglu, doctor of technical sciences, professor, sub-department of telecommunication systems and security information, Azerbaijan Technical University (Az1073, 25 G. Javid avenue, Baku, Azerbaijan), E-mail:
Hasanov Arif Hasan oglu, adjunct, Military Academy of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Azerbaijan (Az1065, 13 Gyzyl Sherg, Baku, Azerbaijan), E-mail:
Aliyeva Almaz Ali kizi, candidate of technical sciences, acting head of sub-department of information technologies, Mingechaur State University (Az1148, 23 Academician Zahid Khalipov street, Baku, Azerbaijan), E-mail:
Isaev Ahad Murtuz oglu, adjunct, Military Academy of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Azerbaijan (Az1065, 13 Gyzyl Sherg, Baku, Azerbaijan), E-mail: 

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Background. The subject of the research is the analysis of the performance indicators multiservice telecommunication networks (MTN) based on the architectural concept future networks FN (Future Network) using SDN & NFV (Software-Defined Networking & Network Functions Virtualization) and IMS (Internet Protocol Multimedia Subsystem) technologies supporting a wide range multimedia services. The task of researching the performance fault tolerance, system capacity and the threat information security in MTN based on FN when providing a guaranteed quality of service “Triple Play services” is the most urgent.
Materials and methods. For the criterion of the performance of the system, the performance of the public service MTN was selected,
which reflect the system's capabilities in providing guaranteed quality of service QoS (Quality of Service) multimedia services. The purpose this work is to study and evaluate the performance characteristics MTN based on the architectural concept of future FN networks in the transmission of packets useful and service traffic. For an accurate description and assessment of the performance of the system, the information security networks and the boundary indicators quality Triple Play services proposed a mathematical model of MTN based on FN, taking into account the presence many resources. The proposed mathematical model (MM) also takes into account the resiliency indicators of the system, features new information security threats and MTN throughput using SDN/NFV and IMS technologies, as well as the properties of a self-similar random process with the Hurst index H in the 0,5 ≤ H < 1.
Results and conclusions. As a result of the study, the proposed MM is a multi-channel general type fBG / G / Mk / Nбн queuing system with heavy tails. On the basis of the model, analytical expressions are obtained that allow to evaluate the reliability indicators of the system, the information security factor of the software and hardware operation, and the average residence time of the packet of useful and service traffic at the MTN nodes. 

Key words

fault tolerance, firewalls, information security, information protection, reliability, network performance, unauthorized access 

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